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Pianos in the street, Maria Canals fills Barcelona with music

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From  March 3 until March 22  Barcelona is delighted by the music played by its citiznes on 30 beautiful grand pianos in the street located in several spots of the city like the Picasso Museum, El Liceu, the Metro, Macba Museum, La Pedrera, Plaça Catalunya and so  on.

This action, implemented by Maria Canals Foundation, is called “El Maria Canals porta cua” which means “Maria Canals contest brings tail” (In Catalan we call the Grand Piano, Piano de cua: piano with tail).

This original action aims to promote the Famous International Maria canals Music Contest that takes place every year in Barcelona.

The last weekend the music invaded Passeig de Gràcia. Maria Canals Foundation deployed 10 pianos all over the avenue. Because I have had piano classes in the Maria Canals school for several years, I went there with the objective of playing a little bit but once there and watching how good  the other people were, I didn’t. Maybe next time ;).

¿Want to see how the poeple played? Enjoy this video!

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