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Magic fountain in Montjuich, La font Màgica

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When a friend comes to visit Barcelona and I have to set up a tourist route, I always try to start in the Magic Fountain or called as well Montjuich fountain (Font Màgica or Font de Montjuich in Catalan).

This is my favorite place to start the route because it’s an impressive and beautiful show made of light, water and music that probably they didn’t see before. I never get tired of seeing the water playing with the sound making us feel like we are in front of a weird nature phenomenon.

¿Do you want to see the magic fountain Barcelona show? Check out this video 😉

Magic Fountain schedule

Depending if you want to see the show in summer or in winter, the schedule of the show is different. It is for free and lasts about 15 minutes. Every half an hour you have a new show.

From January 7 until February 14it’s closed.

From February 15 until April 30 it’s opened on Friday and Saturday from 19:00 h to 23.30 h

From May 1 until September 30 it’s opened from Thursday to Sunday from 21:00h to 23.30 h

July 14: show at 22h and 22.30 h but without music and color.

September 24 at 22 h Piromusical de la Mercè  (it’s amazing, you definitely have to go!)

From October 1 until January 6,it’s opened Friday Saturday, December 25th and 26th and January 1from 19 h until 21 h with music and color.

In case you need more information,   here you have the Official webpage.

Magic fountain history

The fountain was built on 1929 for the Universal Exposition of Barcelona by Carles Buigas (son of Gaietà Buigas, the architect that built Columbus statue in Las Ramblas) .

During the Spanish Civil war the fountain didn’t work, and It was in  1955 when Buigas fixed it and afterwards decided to add the music.

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