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Havana Club Gap Year Contest Final in Cuba

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I just came back from the most amazing week I had ever in my entire life. 7 days away from realityt compiting for the Havana Club Gap Year contest final in Cuba. I wish my life would be a single tape where I can rewind over and over again and never go back from this amazing experience that  Havana Club gave me. You know, like in the movie Groundhog day 😉

18 Contestants were meeting from the 28th of April until de 3rd of May to compete for their dream, a Gap year around the world videobloging for Havana Club and I was really lucky people.

The whole week has been amazing and I’m going to tell you everything about it! Day by Day activities, the Hotel were we stayed, how were the contestants feeling, the opinion of the jury, etc For the moment, just check out the Havana Cluba Gap Year Trailer I made !

And here I present you the Havana Gap Year Contestants from left to right:  Julián Medina Mariño (Colombia THE WINNER!), Elaine Cuschieri (Malta),  Calan Breckon (Canada),  Benjamín Wilson (Chile),  Patrick Hult (Denmark), Leenke de Donder (Brussels), Sara Böker (Germany), Lígia Martins (Portugal),  Indrek Lukso (Estonia),  Elisa Cozzolino (Italy),  Ivaylo Stoimenov (Bulgary),  Mayela Leal (México),  Marcis Plavins (Letonia), Evi Zamba (Cyprus), Mayke Pinto (Irland),  Stamatis Markoglou (Greece), Sergii Syrotenko (Ukraine), Natalia Gibernau (Me!!)

Overall, I want to thank organizersof the contest for giving me the chance to show my video skills to such a Prestigious Jury. Cuba and videos? Couldn’t be better! THANKS HAVANA CLUB!!! And of course, my congratulations to Juilán Medina, the Havana Club Gap Year Winner! I hope you have the time of your life out there 😉

Soon you will see the videos of each contestant 😉