Barcelona View at el Mirador de Sarrià

One of my favourite Barcelona moments is  watching Barcelona’s sunrise from el Mirador de Sarrià Viewpoint.

If you arrive there aproximately at 6:30 a.m with your car with your breakfast and with a good friend or your lover, prepear yourself, you are going to experience a magic moment. You will see how the city after a night of nice sleeping, starts to awake for a new day. If you arrive to this Barcelona viewpoint at night, don’t worry, the city likes to sleep with the lights one, which offers a beautiful and romantic view as well.

Nervertheless probably you won’t be alone watching the Barcelona sunrise, often you can find people taking pictures of the beautiful moment.

El mirador de Sarrià is located in Carretera de Sarrià a Vallvidrera, in Collserola Park, just a few Km after passing by el Telefèric del Tibidabo, you keep going with the car and after 2 min you will see a little Viewpoint where usually are parked several cars to watch the Sun Show as well. Is not very far from the city. For example if you are in Diagonal with Avenida Sarrià you can be there in 15 minutes.

Here I recorded this video where you can check the beauty of Barcelona from El Mirador de Sarrià.

Havana Club Gap Year Contest Final in Cuba

I just came back from the most amazing week I had ever in my entire life. 7 days away from realityt compiting for the Havana Club Gap Year contest final in Cuba. I wish my life would be a single tape where I can rewind over and over again and never go back from this amazing experience that  Havana Club gave me. You know, like in the movie Groundhog day 😉

18 Contestants were meeting from the 28th of April until de 3rd of May to compete for their dream, a Gap year around the world videobloging for Havana Club and I was really lucky people.

The whole week has been amazing and I’m going to tell you everything about it! Day by Day activities, the Hotel were we stayed, how were the contestants feeling, the opinion of the jury, etc For the moment, just check out the Havana Cluba Gap Year Trailer I made !

And here I present you the Havana Gap Year Contestants from left to right:  Julián Medina Mariño (Colombia THE WINNER!), Elaine Cuschieri (Malta),  Calan Breckon (Canada),  Benjamín Wilson (Chile),  Patrick Hult (Denmark), Leenke de Donder (Brussels), Sara Böker (Germany), Lígia Martins (Portugal),  Indrek Lukso (Estonia),  Elisa Cozzolino (Italy),  Ivaylo Stoimenov (Bulgary),  Mayela Leal (México),  Marcis Plavins (Letonia), Evi Zamba (Cyprus), Mayke Pinto (Irland),  Stamatis Markoglou (Greece), Sergii Syrotenko (Ukraine), Natalia Gibernau (Me!!)

Overall, I want to thank organizersof the contest for giving me the chance to show my video skills to such a Prestigious Jury. Cuba and videos? Couldn’t be better! THANKS HAVANA CLUB!!! And of course, my congratulations to Juilán Medina, the Havana Club Gap Year Winner! I hope you have the time of your life out there 😉

Soon you will see the videos of each contestant 😉




I’m the Havana’s Club Gap Year Contest global finalist and I will go to La Havana!

As I told you on the last post, the 2nd of April,  Havana Club’s team was publishing who were the finalists that were going to compete to Cuba to win the Havana Gap Year Contest. The prize is a trip around the world living in 12 different countries in 12 months.

Natalia gibernau Havana club gap year global finalist

Seventeen people representing each Facebook local Page and a winner form the Global Facebook page are going to Cuba for 7 days to the final.  And guess what? I am the Global Finalist for the contest!!!

You had to see my face when I saw that  email in my inbox telling me they had good news for me. I could’nt believe it! Was that true? I was going to Cuba? They would call me at 13.30 p.m  I was so so so excited that I decided to record myself  waiting for the Havana Club team call, what an unforgetable moment!






My Havana Club Gap Year Contest Application

Havana Club wants to travel around the world

Havana Club is organizing a contest with a great prize on their Facebook Page, a Gap Year around the world!  Wouldn’t be nice to win the Havana Club Gap Year? It would be a dream come true!

Since I love doing videos, I love the brand, and of course I think the wolrd trip would be something amazing to win, I decided to participate on the Havana Club Gap Year contest with this video, I hope you like it ;).

I had a great time recording the video and as long you needed votes to get on the semifinal, I asked to all my friends to vote for me. From here I want to thank all of them for giving me their votes.I annoyed them via mail, via facebook, via twitter, via everything! Really guys, THANK YOU because thanks to you I got between the final 5 positions on the Global Havana Club Facebook Page!!! Unbelievable!! I didn’t expected at all. It is already a success for me being between the Top 5 videos on the Global Page!

Havana Club Gap Year Contest

The finalists travel to Cuba to compete

Havana Club has Facebook pages for each country, so every contury Fan page had 5 semifinalists chosen by the votes given by the fans to the videos. There were  participants that didn’t have page in their country, so they could participate on the Global Facebook Page. This is my case. I compete on the semifinal with participants from Argentina, Turkey, India and Republica Dominicana.

Nowadays Havana Club is doing Skype interviews to  Top 5 most voted participants  of each facebook page, and they will choose 1 winner for each country.  They will inform tomorrow,  April 2, who is the winner of every country and global page. The winners  will travel to Cuba to compete for the final prize: A trip around the world.

So…fingers crossed and let’s start believing that dreams come true.



Pianos in the street, Maria Canals fills Barcelona with music

From  March 3 until March 22  Barcelona is delighted by the music played by its citiznes on 30 beautiful grand pianos in the street located in several spots of the city like the Picasso Museum, El Liceu, the Metro, Macba Museum, La Pedrera, Plaça Catalunya and so  on.

This action, implemented by Maria Canals Foundation, is called “El Maria Canals porta cua” which means “Maria Canals contest brings tail” (In Catalan we call the Grand Piano, Piano de cua: piano with tail).

This original action aims to promote the Famous International Maria canals Music Contest that takes place every year in Barcelona.

The last weekend the music invaded Passeig de Gràcia. Maria Canals Foundation deployed 10 pianos all over the avenue. Because I have had piano classes in the Maria Canals school for several years, I went there with the objective of playing a little bit but once there and watching how good  the other people were, I didn’t. Maybe next time ;).

¿Want to see how the poeple played? Enjoy this video!

Magic fountain in Montjuich, La font Màgica

When a friend comes to visit Barcelona and I have to set up a tourist route, I always try to start in the Magic Fountain or called as well Montjuich fountain (Font Màgica or Font de Montjuich in Catalan).

This is my favorite place to start the route because it’s an impressive and beautiful show made of light, water and music that probably they didn’t see before. I never get tired of seeing the water playing with the sound making us feel like we are in front of a weird nature phenomenon.

¿Do you want to see the magic fountain Barcelona show? Check out this video 😉

Magic Fountain schedule

Depending if you want to see the show in summer or in winter, the schedule of the show is different. It is for free and lasts about 15 minutes. Every half an hour you have a new show.

From January 7 until February 14it’s closed.

From February 15 until April 30 it’s opened on Friday and Saturday from 19:00 h to 23.30 h

From May 1 until September 30 it’s opened from Thursday to Sunday from 21:00h to 23.30 h

July 14: show at 22h and 22.30 h but without music and color.

September 24 at 22 h Piromusical de la Mercè  (it’s amazing, you definitely have to go!)

From October 1 until January 6,it’s opened Friday Saturday, December 25th and 26th and January 1from 19 h until 21 h with music and color.

In case you need more information,   here you have the Official webpage.

Magic fountain history

The fountain was built on 1929 for the Universal Exposition of Barcelona by Carles Buigas (son of Gaietà Buigas, the architect that built Columbus statue in Las Ramblas) .

During the Spanish Civil war the fountain didn’t work, and It was in  1955 when Buigas fixed it and afterwards decided to add the music.

Welcome to my beautiful Barcelona

Hello I’m Natalia!

First of all, sorry for my english! I’m from Barcelona and I started this Barcelona videoblog becausee I love my city and I think when someone is new in a city like that, they should know where to go and what to do to make the most of it whether you are a Tourist or in case you came to live here for a while.

If you want, I cant give you some tips. Want to join? Let’s go!! Barcelona, here we go!! 😉